Just recently I was asked by the Founder of 100 Meditators, a fellow construction industry worker, to share with him and his community why I meditate and how the practice of meditation has supported me.  Here’s what I had to say.

Name: Philippa (Pip) Seldon

Age: 40

Occupation: Operations Manager at Manteena Commercial + Founder of the Healthy Tradie Project + Owner of Iron ZUU Fyshwick

Location: Canberra

When and how often do you meditate? Meditation is a daily practice, but for me it comes in different forms. I find that my meditation practice isn’t always sitting in stillness. Depending on my day, my meditation practice could be anything from taking a few minutes to stop and breathe to a longer guided meditation to meditation in motion ie. yoga, ZUU or a walk in nature. I find the time that I take to exercise is my time of the day where there is no room to think about anything else.

How long have you been meditating? As a regular practice – about 3 years

How it helps daily? Meditation helps clear my mind of clutter and noise, keeps me grounded and anchors me back into my body.

How the practice has changed you? The best thing about a meditation practice is that it is forever evolving and I’m forever changing. Through a regular practice over the past 3 years, I can say that I have a lot more awareness of my own mood and emotions. I am more responsive rather than reactive. I am more open, trusting and more content with BEING instead of DOING all the time.

What or who inspired you to start or why you started? I was introduced to mindfulness coach, Rob Ginnivan at a Canberra seminar. I was inspired by Rob’s calm, open and authentic demeanour.

What books, apps or other tools have helped your practice? There are a number of different apps that I have used over the years, but for a guided meditation I find that I always come back to @insighttimer. But I do love getting back to basics and nothing beats human connection so my favourite way to learn more about meditation is to catch up with Rob, enjoy a cuppa and good ol’ chat.

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