Throughout 2017 I explored the use of essential oils in living a natural life.  Natural choices for supporting sleep, energy levels, skincare, my immune system, seasonal allergies and in cleaning products around my home.

The beauty behind these natural products extends to emotions and mood management too.  When the aroma of an oil is inhaled, it interacts with our limbic brain, the part of our brain responsible for governing mood and emotions.

For me, 2018 seems to have started in February!  I felt like I was in first gear through January.  It was my time to stop, take some time for self care and be comfortable with not living at race pace!  For a Type A personality, believe me, that’s tough to do!

At the start of the New Year I journaled my theme for 2018 (I couldn’t come up with just one word)!  My theme is a series of words that felt right on the inside.  I’ve now chosen my oils for 2018 based on my theme words.  Here they are…

Community / Collaboration = Cedarwood

  • Cedarwood brings people together to experience the strength and value of community.  Cedarwood support individuals in seeing that they are not alone; life is a shared experience.  It invites individuals to both give and receive so they may experience the strength of groups and the joy of relationships.

Connection = Marjoram 

  • Marjoram teaches that trust is the basis for all human relationships.  Marjoram assists individuals in increasing their warmth and trust in social situations.  It softens the heart and heals past wounds.

Courage = Cassia 

  • Cassia brings gladness and courage to the heart and soul.  Cassia dispels fear and replaces it with self-assurance.  It supports the soul in seeing its own value and potential.  Cassia assists an individual in discovering their innate gifts and talents.

Abundance = Wild Orange

  • Wild Orange inspires abundance, fosters creativity, supports a positive mood, restores physical energy and aids in transitions.

Authenticity = Cassia

  • Cassia is known as the oil of self-assurance.  It invites one to let their light shine and live from their authentic self.

Love = Rose

  • Rose oil is a powerful healer of the heart.  It holds a higher frequency than any other oil on the planet.  Rose invites individuals to experience the unwavering, unchanging, unconditional love of the Divine.  This love heals all hearts and dresses all wounds.  It restores an individual to authenticity, wholeness and purity.

Play = Ylang Ylang 

  • Ylang Ylang is known as the oil of the inner child.  It reconnects an individual with the inner child and the pure, simple ways of the heart.  It encourages play and restores a childlike nature and innocence.  It assists in accessing intuition or ‘heart knowing’.

Fitness = Eucalyptus 

  • Eucalyptus is knows as the oil of wellness.  It’s strong medicinal aroma demonstrates its powerful effect upon the physical and emotional bodies.  Eucalyptus encourages individuals to take full responsibility for their own health.  Eucalyptus teaches how to claim wholeness and heal.

I’m excited about diving in to 2018, it’s going to be epic in so many ways!

I’ll be teaching classes throughout the year on using essential oils to Live a Natural Life.  If the thought of learning more about essential oils ignites a spark inside of you, please reach out and let me know.  I’d love to have you join me.

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