The Healthy Tradie Project’s unique Tradie Power Yoga is designed to challenge, stretch, strengthen and empower participants in a supportive environment!

There are just three rules:

Park the ego;
Let go of judgement – of yourself and those around you;
Be a YES for new possibilities.

Most Tradies who come to our classes lack mobility, flexibility and struggle with muscle aches and tightness. We hear complaints of lower back pain, tightness in hamstrings, hips and shoulders. Many also discover that their core strength isn’t as great as they thought it was.

Our classes are designed specifically for Tradies. We have thrown out the chanting, traditional yoga language and lycra. We keep it real, making yoga accessible for everyone because we believe everyone, including Tradies, can benefit from yoga.

Why yoga you might ask? A regular yoga practice:

Develops strength;
Builds mobility;
Promotes full body flexibility, reducing the potential for injury;
Increases balance;
Benefits concentration and focus;
Gives clarity and calms the mind; and
Reduces anxiety.

In partnership with the Master Builders Association, we are bringing our unique Tradie Power Yoga and Tradie Mind Stillness practice to the ACT construction industry.

Why not start your Wednesday with Tradie Power Yoga?

Classes are open to all members of the construction industry and will run weekly kicking off on Wednesday 6 September at 6am.


For further information, please email or jump on over to our website to order your 2 Class Intro Pass, 5 or 10 Class Pass.

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