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100 Meditators

Just recently I was asked by the Founder of 100 Meditators, a fellow construction industry worker, to share with him and his community why I meditate and how the practice of meditation has supported me.  Here's what I had to say. Name: Philippa (Pip) Seldon Age: 40...

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Summer Time is Smoothie Time!

My favourite Primal Fuel smoothie recipe. A Primal Fuel smoothie is my meal on-the-go, or if I just want something quick and easy for breakfast, lunch or dinner! This is my favourite kick ass smoothie recipe guaranteed to keep you going for hours.🌿 Chocolate...

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Bacon & Egg Breakfast Muffins

Start on site early?  Need a takeaway breakfast?  I was blown away by the number of vehicles I saw in a local takeaway drive-through at 6:30am last week!  A healthy, nourishing breakfast isn't hard work people.  I want to share with you this delicious, incredibly...

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My Mental Health Promise

World Mental Health Day is Wednesday 10 October, 2018. This year, we've partnered with Mental Health Australia to connect the Wagga Wagga community with movement!  Plus we are aiming to smash the current Guinness World Record for the most number of people together in...

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The Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid

It’s no surprise that the majority of health issues today stem from the food we eat.  The old cliché, “we are what we eat”, is true.  Food is our medicine!  Instead of thinking about what we shouldn’t eat, let’s think about what we should eat and why. You are probably...

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