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The Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid

It’s no surprise that the majority of health issues today stem from the food we eat.  The old cliché, “we are what we eat”, is true.  Food is our medicine!  Instead of thinking about what we shouldn’t eat, let’s think about what we should eat and why. You are probably...

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My 2018 Theme in Oils!

Throughout 2017 I explored the use of essential oils in living a natural life.  Natural choices for supporting sleep, energy levels, skincare, my immune system, seasonal allergies and in cleaning products around my home. The beauty behind these natural products...

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The Distracted Man’s Guide to Meditation

What does being healthy mean to you? Health isn’t just physical.  Being healthy isn’t only about eating real food and moving more.  Your mind is a muscle too and it needs training just like your biceps!  Think of meditation as your mind gym.  It’s like brain training...

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The beach or the bush, which is your favourite?

For most people it’s one or the other. I love the ocean, but growing up on acreage, the bush will always be my peaceful place. doTERRA’s Grounding essential oil blend, appropriately named Balance is my anchor to the peacefulness of the bush when I can’t physically be...

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Mind on Task

December is always a busy month in the construction industry and with busyness comes mindlessness. Now more than ever is the time to be mindful.  To be aware of the task at hand, aware of the situations around you and aware of your mates and how they are showing up to...

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Summer Inspired Chia Pudding

Summer is finally here...YAY!  To celebrate, I want to share with you this delicious, incredibly quick and easy meal packed full of goodness!  It's the perfect summer breakfast any day of the week! Chia seeds are packed full of nutrients with very few calories.  One...

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