Healthy Tradies & Happy Employers

Here’s what Tradies and their employers have to say about the Healthy Tradie Project.

I think it’s a good way to start the day.  It’s different to what we usually do and sets a different tone for the day.  I feel more energised, bendy and stretched!

Tom Caldwell

Carpenter, NBD Constructions

The Healthy Tradie Project is a wonderful concept which entices workers to think about their health and wellbeing and is bound to make waves in the construction industry.
Josh Bloomfield

Foreman, PBS

The Healthy Tradie Project is precisely tailored to suit the needs of the Canberra construction industry because it is relevant, tactile and focussed on trades people offering more than a website, helpline, brochure or poster.  It is through the movement, personal context and direct engagement delivered by the Healthy Tradie Project that increased awareness of overall health and wellbeing is being revolutionised in the industry.
Carmen O'Keefe

Director, Riga Precast

I think it would be good to do it regularly, it is a good addition to the work.  Not alot of blokes on site talk about stress and the pressures they face and they probably should so it’s good to have people here to encourage those conversations.

Tom Gallagher

Site Manager, MNS

With 60 staff Guideline recognises the importance of a work life balance. Your wheel of balance succinctly represented the balance in all of our lives, in a simple and visual way. We can all understand how small adjustments or imbalances can make big differences. The group, representing the broad spectrum of civil construction, was captivated and enjoyed the session including the physical movement and mindfulness.
Nick Zardo

Managing Director, Guideline ACT

I have been attending Pip’s Tradie Power Yoga sessions twice a week. I have felt real gains in my mental and physical health. Pip’s subtle introduction to meditation and mindfulness throughout the sessions has exposed me to a new and positive mindset. The down to earth nature of the classes creates a very comfortable environment and means we have a diverse group of people coming to the sessions.

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Healthy Tradie Project and have seen benefits in my mental and physical health whilst also strengthening my relationships with co-workers who are also involved in the project.

Oliver Baker

Cabinet Maker, Capital Veneering

During my first class with Pip, I wasn’t able to touch my toes, never mind do a back bend. But with Pip’s support, I didn’t give up. I noticed a gradual loosening and eventually, seemingly impossible poses became possible. Improved flexibility is one of the first and most obvious benefits of Tradie Power Yoga and I have also noticed that aches and pains have started to disappear.
Peter Przybylak

Cabinet Maker, Capital Veneering

I enjoyed the session and can see the benefit in taking a bit of time out every day just to clear your mind.
Daniel Carey

Project Engineer, PBS

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