I’m super excited to announce our partnership with the Master Builders Association (ACT) to bring our unique Tradie Power Yoga and Tradie Mind Stillness practice to the ACT construction industry!

My mission through the Healthy Tradie Project has always been to support Tradies in living healthier, happier lives with movement, mindfulness and real whole food.  I believe that wellness exists in all of us and through the right nutrition, exercise and lifestyle practices, we can each unveil our healthiest self – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Suicide is a topic close to my heart and in my quest to implement a proactive approach to suicide prevention, I founded the Healthy Tradie Project.  It’s my way of opening the minds of Tradies to a healthier way of living.

Simply put, we give Tradies the tools they need to make step-by-step changes in their lifestyle unlocking the keys to looking, feeling and living better!

Why not start your day with Tradie Power Yoga?

Classes are open to all members of the construction industry and will run weekly kicking off on Wednesday 6 September, 6am at the Master Builders Association in Fyshwick, ACT.

For further information, please email pip@thehealthytradieproject.com or hop on over to our website to order your 2 Class Intro Pass, 5 or 10 Class Pass.

We look forward to having you join our tribe of Healthy Tadie Yogi’s!

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