This year our focus is on collaborations and growing our team to ensure we are offering YOU the best support we can to keep you living healthy!  That’s why we are thrilled to welcome Becky Seldon to the Healthy Tradie Project team!

Becky is a Functional Nutrition Consultant, Health and Wellness Coach, GUT Microbiome Coach and smartDNA Practitioner who helps people identify their health and wellness goals according to their lifestyle – exercise, diet, health and wellness goals – and their individual genetic DNA makeup.

​The wife of a Tradie and Mum of two boys, Becky started Nutrition Coaching and Consulting after changing career paths from primary school teacher to her passion of guiding and supporting people through their own health and wellness journey.

Prior to raising her family, Becky spent 11 years as a competitive athlete but now thrives from a ‘Back to Basics’ sustainable and organic lifestyle at her Killara Ridge Farm where she offers a range of health programs and services. Becky joins the Healthy Tradie Project team as our Functional Nutrition Consultant offering individual coaching, workshops, group health programs, genetic DNA coaching (Practitioner) and microbiome health analysis.

​Becky, her Tradie husband and two boys are living proof that a healthy gut leads to a healthy body, mind and life!

To book a 1:1 consultation with Becky, just contact us or keep an eye out for our group health programs throughout the year.

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