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It’s time to put the tools down to just breathe



Just breathe…

With high risk activities and constant pressure to perform, the construction site is one of the most important places for mindfulness.


Breath is like the remote control to your mind.  You have access to your state of mind and your nervous system at any time just by using

your breath.  Control your breath and you control your mind bringing awareness to the task at hand.


The relationship between your breath and stress is synonymous.  When we are stressed our breathing patterns become shallow and

fast.  When we are relaxed and calm, our breathing patterns slow down.


Whether you are overwhelmed, in the middle of a stressful situation on site or just want to start your day off right, a regular breath and

mindfulness practice will help alter your mindset and ability to remain calm amongst the chaos of the construction site.


Did you know that a regular breath and mindfulness practice can…


Give clarity and calm the mind


Benefit concentration and focus


Increase awareness


Improve the immune system


Assist in faster recovery from exercise, and


Reduce anxiety


Safety starts with a healthy body and mind

Our breath and mindfulness training gives Tradies practical exercises they can use at any time of the day or night.  Tools that will help them respond instead of react during stressful situations, tools that will help create calm amongst chaos.

How?  Using the one tool we all have free access to…our breath.

I have been attending Pip’s Tradie Power Yoga sessions twice a week. I have felt real gains in my mental and physical health. Pip’s subtle introduction to meditation and mindfulness throughout the sessions has exposed me to a new and positive mindset. The down to earth nature of the classes creates a very comfortable environment and means we have a diverse group of people coming to the sessions.

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Healthy Tradie Project and have seen benefits in my mental and physical health whilst also strengthening my relationships with co-workers who are also involved in the project.

Oliver Baker

Cabinet Maker, Capital Veneering

I enjoyed the session and can see the benefit in taking a bit of time out every day just to clear your mind.
Daniel Carey

Project Engineer, PBS

Ready to find stillness in your life?

If you are ready to bring the incredible benefits of mindfulness into your life, send us an inquiry and one of our team will be in touch!

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