Tradie Power Yoga

Designed to challenge, stretch, strengthen and empower participants in a supportive


A yoga class designed specifically for Tradies, because we believe that everyone, including

Tradies, can benefit from yoga.

You might be thinking, why yoga?

The Healthy Tradie Project’s unique Tradie Power Yoga is designed to challenge, stretch, strengthen and empower participants in a supportive environment!


We have just three rules:

​Park the ego

Let go of judgement

Be a YES for new possibilities


Most tradies who come to our classes lack mobility, flexibility and struggle with muscle aches and tightness. We hear complaints of lower

back pain, tightness in hamstrings, hips and shoulders.


Many also discover that their core strength isn’t as great as they thought it was.


​Our classes are designed specifically for Tradies. We have thrown out the chanting, traditional yoga language and lycra. We keep it real,

making yoga accessible for everyone because we believe everyone, including Tradies, can benefit from yoga.


Did you know that a regular yoga practice can…

Help you to develop strength

Build mobility

Promote full body flexibility, reducing the potential of injury

Increase balance

Benefit concentration and focus

Give clarity and calm the mind, and

Reduce anxiety

Our site pre-start sessions are different to your typical tool box talk!

Our site pre-start sessions are short, fun and engaging giving Tradies the practical tools they need to increase strength, flexibility and mobility reducing the potential for injury on site.

I have been attending Pip’s Tradie Power Yoga sessions twice a week. I have felt real gains in my mental and physical health. Pip’s subtle introduction to meditation and mindfulness throughout the sessions has exposed me to a new and positive mindset. The down to earth nature of the classes creates a very comfortable environment and means we have a diverse group of people coming to the sessions.

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Healthy Tradie Project and have seen benefits in my mental and physical health whilst also strengthening my relationships with co-workers who are also involved in the project.

Oliver Baker

Cabinet Maker, Capital Veneering

During my first class with Pip, I wasn’t able to touch my toes, never mind do a back bend. But with Pip’s support, I didn’t give up. I noticed a gradual loosening and eventually, seemingly impossible poses became possible. Improved flexibility is one of the first and most obvious benefits of Tradie Power Yoga and I have also noticed that aches and pains have started to disappear. Peter Przybylak

Cabinet Maker, Capital Veneering

I enjoyed the session and can see the benefit in taking a bit of time out every day just to clear your mind. Daniel Carey

Project Engineer, PBS

Are you looking to reduce the potential for injury on your work site?

Movement is key to unlocking the repetitive nature of work practices.  If you want to include movement in your daily site pre-start or offer the benefits of yoga to your team in the office, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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